Founding of FAIR, the new Safer Gambling Foundation

Listening, Innovation and Research lie at the core of the Foundation's work. For the first time, Italy is showcasing the world's leading safer gambling experiences.

Rome, 6 March 2024 - Today the FAIR Foundation, an organisation committed to tackling the challenges of safer gambling in Italy, was presented in Rome. Established by Sisal, FAIR is a tangible legacy of the company's dedication to safer gambling. The foundation is a reference point open to all organisations wishing to foster research, listening and innovation in safer gambling, with the aim of involving and including other industry stakeholders. Its aim is to tackle key challenges for the future of the safer gambling industry with a scientific approach.

FAIR is the first organisation of its kind in Italy, and has introduced the best international safer gambling experiences to the Italian industry. By analysing best practices at a global level, the Foundation aims to offer a unique model of independent research and study, creating a shared ecosystem of safer gambling which is accessible to all.

The Board of the FAIR Foundation will include high-level experts from various fields, ensuring an independent, multidisciplinary and credible outlook in the safer gambling field. The Board of Executive Directors will be led by Matteo Caroli, full professor at Milan’s LUISS Business School, with Cinzia Castiglioni (Deputy Chairperson), lecturer at Università Cattolica, Emanuela Girardi, expert in Artificial Intelligence and founder of Pop AI, Stefania Siani, creative director and Chairperson of the Italian Association of Art Directors, and Auro Palomba, communicator and Chairperson of Community. The scientific committee will be led by Stefano Mainetti, professor at Politecnico di Milano and an expert in innovation, and will also include Edoardo Lozza, professor at Milan's Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Maurizio Benzi, Head of Digital Strategy Consulting at Casaleggio Associati.

‘FAIR is committed to addressing the complexities of safer gambling with an independent, science-based and transparent approach’, explained Matteo Caroli, Chairperson of the Foundation. ‘The Board of Directors and the Scientific Committee are made up of experts from different backgrounds; they come from outside the safer gambling world, but are able to look at the issues from different perspectives, and develop a solid, scientific approach to research. We will explore crucial topics such as behaviour, communication, relations with players and the impact of technology in order to make a tangible contribution to promoting an evidence- and knowledge-based model of safer gambling.’

Over the coming months, the Foundation will be promoting an independent research model that ensures information is accessible to all those working in the field. It will also raise awareness among stakeholders by fostering common guidelines, supporting the active adoption of a safer gambling model that will bring standards and measures already tried and tested abroad to Italy.

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