About us

Fondazione FAIR is leading the way towards a future of conscious, safer gambling.

Fondazione FAIR was established to promote a culture of safer gambling in which every player feels protected, fostering a more conscious and safer gambling world.

We recognise that Italy demands greater accountability from gambling professionals and the gambling industry in general, as well as the need to strengthen security and safety measures. Fondazione FAIR is the answer to this need, a tangible commitment to deliver an innovative approach to the sector and help it improve overall.

The Foundation was initially conceived and created out of a vision shared by Sisal and influential stakeholders in the industry. By recognising its leadership role, Sisal is helping the Foundation to drive change and actively work with all the stakeholders, organisations and institutions concerned. Its aim is to develop tangible solutions that promote transparency, safety and security for gamers.

FAIR provides an arena for discussion between the parties concerned, including the gambling industry, researchers, experts and official organisations. Its aim is to create a certified model and common rules that promote healthy and sustainable gambling models in the long term.

Our mission is to foster a culture and instruments that help prevent problem gambling by placing Safer Gambling at the heart of industry changes

As a result, the Foundation acts as a catalyst for change, inspiring initiatives that promote transparency, safety and protection for players.

With this initiative, we aim to create a new standard in the gambling world. Our mission is to make the gambling environment healthier, safer and more sustainable for all gambling enthusiasts.


The Foundation is managed by:

  • Board of Executive Directors

  • The Scientific Committee

  • Coordination by the Managing Director

The Board of Executive Directors and the Scientific Committee include figures of acknowledged fame and experience in communication, psychology, university research and consultancy linked to gambling issues, and to the repercussions it has in the political, social and cultural sphere, not to mention in terms of health and the environment.

Sisal's General Meeting delivers impetus and guidance, whilst respecting the Foundation’s independence and the prerogatives of its executive and scientific bodies.

The Scientific Committee

This Committee is tasked, on instruction of the Executive Board, of drafting proposals concerning study, research, coordination, technical and scientific development of topics linked to the Foundation's mission and activities.

Supervisory Body
Filippo Colonna (statutory auditor)
Patrizia Ciociola (alternate auditor)

Legal and Administrative Support
Alfonso Benedetto - Studio Bosello

Members and Partners of the Foundation

The Foundation was established by Sisal and is financially backed by Sisal, but its statutory objectives not only include being open to other organisations in the gambling field, but also to Civil Society as a whole, along with stakeholder organisations wishing to make a constructive, positive contribution towards developing safer gambling and protecting players.


If you are interested in taking part: Get in touch

The research network

The Foundation has decided to make use of nationally- and internationally-recognised strategic partners to validate the research it is conducting into Safer Gambling and player behaviour.

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