Auro Palomba

CEO & Founder of Community
Board Member - Board of Executive Directors

Auro Palomba is the CEO & Founder of Community, a communication leader for over 20 years now. In 2023, working together with Cattaneo Zanetto Pomposo & Co. and with the support of Xenon Private Equity, he established the Excellera Advisory Group, Italy’s largest government affairs and reputation management consultancy firm.

Palomba started out as an economic journalist at Indro Montanelli's newspaper, Il Giornale; after 15 years there, he switched to become communications director at various financial institutions. In 1999, together with Maurizio Costanzo and Alessandro Benetton, he established Maurizio Costanzo Comunicazione, before breaking away in 2001 and founding Community.

Working in the front line of Italy's most complex extraordinary corporate transactions, he has helped build, manage and defend the reputation of prominent Italian entrepreneurial families and large international financial and industrial groups.

Auro Palomba

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