Fondazione FAIR at the Italian Gaming Expo

18-19 April 2024

The FAIR Foundation will make its début at the high-profile Italian Gaming Expo, set to take place from 18-19 April 2024 at Rome's Palazzo dei Congressi EUR, to represent Italy's public gambling sector.

Members of the Foundation will speak at two different panel discussions on Safer Gambling.

On Thursday 18 April, from 2:10 p.m. to 3:10 p.m., during the round table entitled “A new approach to safer gambling”, the Chairperson of Fondazione Fair, Matteo Caroli, together with Luigi Nicola Serravalle, Partner of OC&C and Giorgio Crainz, Associate Partner of OC&C, will discuss the results of a new survey into the role Foundations and Associations play in Safer Gambling worldwide. They will cover topics with Hon. Alessandro Cattaneo (Forza Italia), Sen. Elena Murelli (Lega) and Hon. Mauro Del Barba (Italia dei Valori).

On Friday 19 April from 11:50 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., technology will be discussed at the round table entitled “Safer Gambling, from digital innovation to artificial intelligence” with the participation of Fondazione FAIR members Stefano Mainetti, Co-Director of the Cloud Transformation Observatory School of Management Politecnico Milan, Emanuela Girardi, Chairperson of PopAI, Maurizio Benzi, Head of Digital Strategy at Casaleggio Associati, and Stefano De Vita, Managing Director of Fondazione Fair. The moderator will be journalist and reputation manager Daniele Chieffi, who is also a lecturer and CEO of The Magician.

The panel discussion will examine how digital innovation and artificial intelligence overlap in Safer Gambling, highlighting ethical implications, regulatory challenges and the potential for player protection in an evolved and aware gambling environment.

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